Custom Clearance

We are technologically equipped with online EDI connectivity to all Customs locations via ICEGATE interface to enable round the clock filing of Bill of Entry/Shipping Bills, status tracking of Bill of Entry/Shipping Bills/Container, Custom Duty Payment. As part of Customs Clearance vertical, we provide following services to our customers.

Imports Clearance


  1. Clearance of all types of Cargo (including Special & Valuable)
  2. Clearance under various Export Promotion & Duty Exemption schemes viz. DEPB, DEEC, Drawback, EPCG, EOU, FPS, FMS
  3. Clearance under FTA (Free Trade Agreement)
  4. Baggage (Unaccompanied), Courier, Post-Office Clearance
  5. Customs Bonding/De-Bonding of Cargo
  6. Clearance into/out-of SEZ/FTWZ/DTA
  7. Clearance under High Seas Sales
  8. ATA Carnet Clearance
  9. Capital Goods (Second Hand)
  10. Re-Import (Repair/Replacement/Return) Clearance
  11. Project Import Clearance
  12. Duty Free Goods, Trade Samples

Exports Clearance


  1. Exports Shipping Bill (including Online) Filing & Clearance
  2. Under Drawback (All industry rate / brand rate) for dutiable goods
  3. Under EPCG (Export Promotion Capital Goods), Advance License
  4. Under DEPB (Duty Exemption Pass Book) Scheme
  5. For EOU / STP / EPZ / EHTP
  6. Re-Exports Clearance

Value Added Services


  1. Customs Adjudications
  2. Custom Duty Refunds
  3. Custom Bonds / Bank Guarantees
  4. Legal assistance on customs cases
  5. Consultancy / Services for Export / Import
  6. Import Licences / Export incentives
  7. Export Promotion council jobs
  8. SVB (Special Valuation Branch), Drawback Matters
  9. Cargo Insurance
  10. Chartered Engineer Valuation Services
  11. Labelling/Re-labelling of Goods



Advise on Procedures, Taxation and Provisions related to Customs, Excise, DGFT and other related Government agencies required for hassle free clearance



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